The most beautiful place your camping gear has never been.   Copywriter:  Christopher Santaiti  
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  You can be your own eco-model, without having to sweat for it.   Copywriter:  Christopher Santaiti      This Interactive Digital Magazine Ad will be experienced in magazines like GQ & WIRED where tech savvy city dwellers can learn about TREK's new eco option.
 Bullied teens may not have a voice, but they have plenty to say, so we gave them one. This is one of the voiceless, in his own words.  Art Direction & Cinematography: Anthony Pasqualone & Dan Depew
 D&AD Competition Brief for AirBnb. Our task was to make people feel like they belong.   Our Concept: Belong Here.  Art Direction: Anthony Pasqualone & Tucker Lebsack  Copywriters: Phil Fattone & Meredith Haan  Cinematography/Editing: Anthony Pasqualone