How does a well-renowned Museum like the Smithsonian get their imaginative experience of air and space travel to kids who've never been to DC? You bring the experience to them. Then bring them back with you. 

There's no better partner than a company that believes that there is no limit to creativity. 


An 18-wheel flight simulator will hit the road, traveling to 30 High Schools spread out across the nation.

Kids can track the path of the truck from cameras mounted on the truck and in space.

A great way for kids to see the wonders of flight is to have them create it.

On the day the 18-wheeler arrives at their school, students will have a full day of Aeronautics instead of their usual classes.

Copy : Darren Benbow  / Samantha Hazelfeldt

Art Director : Anthony Pasqualone

Designer : Sam McWhorter

Interactive Dev : Herb Torres

Video Editor : Will P. Jones